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Are you really LIVING your life? Cancer the good and bad.

Sit down, this is a long one!


The good and the bad of it.

Every year on this date, this memory pictures shows its face.

Radical neck dissection by Robotic hand, 20+ lymph nodes removed around the ONE that was cancerous.

Tumor removed from base of tongue.

Sometimes my initial reaction to the picture is fear. 😰

It was a really rough thing to go through. Not just the surgery.

But finding the lump. Hearing it was cancer. Going through tests, the fear of death, Of not being here for my kids, the thought of them having to grow up without their mom who loves them so much, ( still makes me get choked up and tear up just writing about it ) two surgeries, feeding tube, not being able to talk or eat, and THEN the living afterward, wondering if it’s going to come back and the fear of all of that.

It took me YEARS to get that fear out of my head, everytime I get a mouth pain, or neck pain, or anything out of the ordinary, the fear of it being back came rushing forward.

I’ve gotten WAY better, and most days I TRUST that I am healed, not in remission, ( I hate that word!) but HEALED, but I still have my days here and there where fear rears its UGLY ass head.

Sometimes I don’t care to admit that some good may have come from all that suffering.


One thing is learning to be grateful for things we normally take for granted.

Like talking! lol. and being able to drink a cup of coffee, ( Or anything for that matter)

To be able to eat food.

Being grateful to have another day ALIVE. With my kids, who are no longer babies.

To understand what it’s like to face death, and realize that anyday could be our last.


To fucking get up and LIVE. Not just mope around being depressed that your alive. Not worrying so much about 20 years from now, but living for TODAY.

I could write a book about all the things that cancer did in my MIND alone.

It has put me on a path of self development, mostly in the MIND.

It started with my health, and fear of it coming back.

Which put me on the path of supplements, essential oils, learning about health and nutrition, chemicals, then on to a year of learning to be a health coach, learning about hands on healing, becoming a Reiki Master, then learning about energy, law of attraction, and coaching others.

It’s taught me to learn to pay attention to my thoughts, work on my beliefs and how I talk to myself.

It’s given me a drive to LIVE and really live.

To show the fuck up for msyelf and do things for myself, and to take care of others.

Just SO SO much.

I don’t want to live with regrets, and I don’t want you to either.

If you are not happy, get up and do something about it.

YOU are in charge of your life.

Don’t sit back unhappy and let the days pass you by.

Don’t play the victim.

Make the changes.

As they say, Eat the damn cake. Have balance. Enjoy your days to the best of your ability.

Work on that mindset.

Be happy with who you are, and if your not, change something.

You can do anything you want to, the only thing that stops you is YOU.



You don’t need to go through cancer to wake up.

Just take my advice.



Do things that bring JOY to your life.

If you don’t already know~

I do Intutive readings to help others help themselves.

I do coaching to help you find your inner self and get your power back.

I do distance Reiki healing sessions.

I do Network marketing to help women dream again, and get the time freedom they need to actually LIVE their life and do things they want to do.

Espeically Single moms. My heart is with single mamas, so I just started a group for them too.

If you want info- Message me.

I ♥️ you!!!