Intuitive Body Scans

Intuitive body scans help you gain insight into your life and present situations. Everything is energy and so are our bodies. When we have trauma in our life, our cells hold onto that trauma. Even holding on to things such as anger, sadness, pain, bitterness can stay in our cells and cause “dis-ease”, or other symptomatic things with your energy, emotions, Ability to communicate and so much more!

Sometimes there are things you are holding on to that you aren’t aware of, and you can catch them before something manifests. I can connect energetically to you and scan your energy body, and and detect life information and blockages that exist.


I will give you suggestions for your healing needs.


You will receive the body scan drawing and a write up sent to you in email within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time.


You can schedule a follow up call for more explanation of the scan if you so choose.

How do I do the scans and what’s my story with that?

I believe it’s a gift! I believe it’s one that everyone has access to if they used their intuition and practiced. (Intuition is listening to that inner voice, Source, God, Universe)


After I had cancer, ( years ago) I had someone prophetic in a church tell me that I was going to see ailments in people’s bodies and heal them. I had no idea what that meant but it sounded really awesome to me!


It took years after he told me that for it to manifest into reality. I learned hands on healing through church, and then later became a Reiki Master. I knew that I was supposed to be helping and healing people, I just didn’t know how I was supposed to be doing that. I had seen an energy healer at some point, and she was doing Aura scans. When I had mine done, I heard that inner voice, “ You can do this too”.

I blew that off for a few years because of fear and low belief in my gifts. Then I was working with a spiritual coach and friend, and we were working on my gifts and I knew that I could see things in people’s bodies and help them. I printed off some sheets of an outline of a body and I asked for volunteers to practice.


To my amazement, people were astounded at what I “knew” and how I helped them. I did many body scans for free until it started to suck the energy out of me, then I knew I needed more of an energy exchange and started charging for the scans. (They take me about an hour to an hour and a half to do) Basically what I do is sit with the outline of the body on paper, I pray and ask Jesus and Angels to surround me and protect me, I usually sage myself and the area, and then I think about the persons name, and ask how I can help this person. I just start picking up different colored pencils and “knowing” things about the person, their body, and what they are holding onto energetically, where it is more dense, different colors, different images and I ask what they mean.


Sometimes I feel things myself, and know it’s something that the person is feeling, that it is not my own. I have never NOT been able to read someone. Sometimes they are harder for me and I feel the person is nervous about getting a scan and they are energetically blocking me a bit. The scan will help you heal by sharing ideas with you of things you are holding on to, where you have blocks, ways that you can release them, and if you so choose you can purchase a distance healing from me also.

What people are saying about Amy's Readings?

"Amy's intuitive reading of my son brought tears to my eyes, the way she could "see" him without ever having met him. Things she picked up on confirmed many of my own intuitions and her suggestions were practical and do-able, helping me feel empowered to make positive changes. Thank you, Amy!!"

Julie R

Ami Kismet


Amy is such a loving and gentle soul. She did an intuitive body scan on me, which was the first time I had that done. She was so accurate my jaw dropped. She is so gifted and has such a loving way about her. I highly recommend working with Amy!!

"I loved Amy's reading, she is a very intuitive and caring person. She sensed things about me and read my body, mind and spirit even without seeing me! She guided me how to overcome my actual issues and how to use the essential oils. She even surprised me about my " healing hands" and maybe this will open a window in my life. Wish she can coach me and live nearby, since in am in Europe. Thank you very much, i am so grateful"
Ivone S

Lucia Kerr


Amy did an intuitive body scan for me and it was mind blowing, she pointed out a few things that I needed to address that I had buried so deep within myself that I actually stopped thinking about or even paying attention.  It was great and I have been able to work on areas of myself that needed a great deal of attention. <3<3 all I can do is say thank you and appreciate what you have brought to my attention.  You are an amazing person with an extra amazing gift.

Jackie Manning


Received my email feedback from Amy as she did a body scan for me on the 29th December. I was a little hesitant as I had never had anything done like this before but I needn't of worried. The reading was spot on, and Amy's email was straight forward and accurate. Thank you Amy!

Jillayne Godfrey


I had Amy do a reading on me and it was so accurate! Amy touched on everything that has been going on with me lately, truly amazing! I will definitely have another reading done by Amy and highly recommend her!

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