Who am I? 



Wow, the ever evolving saga. 


This is always a hard one to write,  like am I what I do, or who I am to other people, who am I really?  Lol. 


I’m many things I suppose. 


I am a mom to four amazing souls. 2 boys, 2 girls. 



Mom to two dogs, three cats, and two Birds.



I’m a girlfriend to Joe, my sweet man, my rock, my protector, and the guy that makes me laugh and pee my pants. ♥️


I’m an ex wife and ex-girlfriend.


I’m a cancer survivor.


I’m a sister to  three brothers, and one sister. 


I’m a friend to many amazing people. 


I’m that girl that will do anything for anybody, when I love you, I love you hard.

When you cross me and break my trust it’s hard for me to trust you again.


I am the girl that goes back and forth between “ I am a bad ass ” and “ My life is a shit show and what do I know” 


I’m a Virgo and analyze the shit out of everything.


I like to rearrange and organize shit in the house.


I LOVE the sun and summer and don’t want to be in the house or get a damn thing done when it’s nice.️


I get depressed in the winter.


I do NOT belong in Wisconsin. Lol






I consider myself a conduit to help people heal.


Source works through me to you, to help you heal yourself.


I can call myself........


A certified holistic health coach.

A Reiki Master.

A Certified energy healer.

A Certified life coach.


But does any of that really matter?


We can help people based on what we’ve been through in life, and what we are gifted in.


My gift is holding space for others and helping them do the work to heal themselves. 


What does that mean?


It’ means that I am here to walk along side of you, in whatever journey you are on without judging you, without making you feel inadequate, without trying to fix you.

I open my heart to you, offer unconditional support and let go of judgment and control. 


I am here for YOU..


You came here for a reason. This is your sign that I am the right person to help you.


What in your life is not feeling OK right now?


We can start however you like, but usually doing a healing and me doing an intuitive reading on you to see where we go is the best place to start.



My journey started in utero and continued on throughout my life. All my experiences led me to where I am now, to help YOU.


Being in the womb of a mother who didn’t want anymore children. ( This is not blame, just a truth) 


A scared little girl that would hover in corners, feeling unwanted and unloved.


A child that had a verbally abusive mother until I was 10, then she found Christ and stopped doing that.


A daughter that lost her mother to Leukemia at 11 years old.


A 15 year old who had to learn to accept a  new step mother and five more step siblings.


A teen ager who was looking for love in all the wrong places.


A 20 some year old who came down with panic attacks and thought I was dying.


A 26 yr old who found herself a single mom because the guy she was with decided he wasn’t ready to be a father.   


Truly believe that now 23 yr old was meant to be here, and he changed my life for the better.


A wife who on the outside look like I had it all, but was unhappy.


A 39 year old that was diagnosed with tongue cancer of all things, faced with the reality of how easy life can be taken from us.


A divorced mom of four children.



After cancer, my life began to change.


I started realizing that life is fragile as fuck and we need to live everyday to the fullest.


It made me re-evaluate how I was living.


I wanted to help other people as I was journeying through life myself.


I became a health coach.


Then I was told by someone who was prophetic and heard from God that I was healed of cancer because I was going to see cancer in people’s bodies and help them heal.


I held on to that vision.


I then learned about hands on healing at church.


Then I was awakened to Energy, and Energy healing, and essential oils, and supplements.


Then Reiki came into my life. ( More healing)


Then my intuition started kicking in and I started “knowing” things, and able to know things about other people to help them heal.


It’s a gift.


A gift I believe we all have, just needs to be exercised, and desired.

Not everyone desires to help other people in this way.


I also have a deep deep belief and knowing that we are here for SO much more then we beleive we are.

We are conditioned to think life is- well, you know, “ It is what it is”. 

I don’t believe that.

I know there’s so much more and have an unsettling until I get there.


My heart is to help others improve their lives.

To feel happiness, joy and abundance in their SOUL.

To HEAL, on all levels. Physically, mentally, spiritually.



I’m here for you.


What is it that you are desiring to change in your life right now?




I also have a deep passion and belief in Network Marketing and you can learn more about that on my “start your own business” page. 


I also have a “Resource” page where you can find Essential oils, CBD, 

And supplements to aid in your healing.......